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Worship Pastor
JD Quinn

Choir Director
Monica Joyce

Assistant Worship Leader
Gracie Williams


  • To be a worship team (cohesive in focus, talent, style, and purpose) providing the best aural (listening) and visual environment (stimulus) to facilitate worship.

  • To provide a Multi-Cultural & Multi-Generational Worship Environment.

  • To grow each individual in their respective areas of music.

  • To grow our choir as a cohesive unit.

  • To provide opportunities for Music Ministry inside and outside the walls of our Church.

  • To raise up future Worship Leaders, Musicians, and Ministers.


Our purpose is to provide a vehicle for worshippers to connect with each other in the corporate praise and worship of God. We believe that worship is a primary means for us to participate in unbroken communion with God. We believe that Praise goes before the battle, and plows the ground for the Seed of the Word of God to be sown.


  • We invest time, energy and money in worship. We provide for training and equipment, continually striving to grow and improve in all aspects in order to bring quality and authenticity to our worship.

  • We are about worshipping God, all else is secondary.

  • We are about modeling, and leading the rest of the congregation in, worship. Our purpose is to worship God, but our job is to model and lead others in worship.

  • We are about supporting, encouraging, and building up all members of the worship team. Being on a worship team is a hard and sometimes stressful job, but it must always be a safe place. We will be there for each other and we will hold each other accountable.

  • We will strive to attain the highest degree of musical skill we can achieve without compromising the superseding priorities.

  • Build Healthy Relationships with one another, and be an example in the body, as well as in our Community.

If you are interested in being a part of this ministry, please contact one of our leaders.

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